Be The Leader Everybody Wants

Leadership hard. It if it was easy everyone would be doing it well. I simplify leadership so you can be the leader you are meant to be, an awesome one who is sane and humane. 

4 Ways Below!


5 ways To Be Awesome Before LUnch Tip Sheet (Free)

Here are 5 ways to be awesome you can do today even before lunch!


the ConScious LEadership Collective (Free)

A free Facebook community for conscious leaders who have an unwavering sense of responsibility of people, the impact we have on people’s lives, and  believe that taking care of people is how you create successful business results. We share research, articles, some randomness, ask questions, and support teach other on our journey to make the world more awesome through our leadership. Leaders new, future, and experienced all welcome! 

Leadership Style Discovery (Online or in Greater LA)

2 truths about leadership:

  1. It is a learned skill
  2. Leadership is directly tied to your behavior

Knowing your instinctive leadership style, your strengths as a leader, and being aware of what style is required to meet the demands of a situation and the environment is essential to being an awesome leader.

In this one month custom program we will do all of that and then some.

LEadership Essentials (online)

You want to be an awesome leader

People want to work for an awesome leader

Be the leader you wish you had and everybody wants to work for

A conscious leadership workshop focused on making you the leader everyone wants to work for and who bosses want on their team because you create result$.

It doesn't take much for leaders and organizations to get off track in the crazy of the business world and life.  I have first hand knowledge of how easy it is. I just got sucked into watching videos of baby goats on the Internet. I asked myself why did I just watch all that? Truth is what I needed to do was hard. I felt overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions with all the priorities and things to do.  

To help with this challenge, I am going to give you a leadership framework based on timeless, practical, and proven methods used by some of the most successful leaders and organizations you know and love to keep you focused, decrease stress, and increase your success as a leader. I promise you, it is simple but not simplistic. I know you can do it! 

Until then, help define awesome leadership by taking our short Leadership Survey. Click here. 

I’ve been sniffing out where the true leaders flock. There will never be enough times on this planet that I can say thank you for being a phenomenal leader and for blessing me with your wisdom.
You are truly an inspiring example of a great LEADER. All my aloha to you!!!