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Pet-Peeve Proof Your Resume 5 Day Challenge (Free)

So important to finding work you love is having a resume showing all your awesomeness. 

I asked recruiters and hiring managers who have seen thousands of resumes what do they see on resumes that drive them crazy? I learned a lot! I took the top 5 and created a “Pet-Peeve Proof Your Resume” 5 Day Challenge to help you avoid them in your resume. It's free. 

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48 Days To The Work You Love BETA Workshop (Online)

I am bringing together a small, select group of awesome people who are looking to make 2018 the best year ever by discovering work they love and want to be a part of my BETA workshop for my online workshop Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days To The Work You Love. 

The workshop will officially go live in 2018 but for now I am looking for 10 motivated and committed people who are ready to get started discovering your skills, abilities, personality, values, dreams, passions, and apply them to your work through a proven process that has helped thousands (and me) do just that as part of this BETA workshop. 2018 here we come!